Did you Click on Mr Crikey?

Mr CrikeyLeaping lizards! What was that I just felt? Don’t tell me that flamin’ python is back to have another crack at me. I’m still recovering from our last tussle.

I don’t have time to take on that pesky python. I’m training to capture cassowaries in the far north of Queensland. I’m going to tag the big birdies and track far they go walkabout. I’ve been working on ways to dodge the mega-kicks they can unleash with their razor-sharp claws. And I hope I don’t cop a head-butt from that helmet on their head. Their noggin’ is harder than the trunk of a gum tree.

I might even bump into a few other crazy critters up north. A few hairy-nosed wombats might cop a hug from me and I’ll keep me peepers on the trees to spot a sweet little sugar-glider.

Righto, back to training! Can you watch me back while I lift some lumber over me noggin’? Make sure that slippery snake doesn’t give me another whack!

See you later alligator – catch ya back at Matt Porter’s website.

Mr Crikey