Did you Click on Ms Runway?


Ms Runway

Hi Darls! I’m totes-fab, thanks for asking.

Rumour has it that you’re considering enrolling in the super-cool school, Outback Creek. I can totes understand why you want to come to such a fab school. Here are some cool things about my class so you can get totes-excited about joining us:

– To begin each morning the students line-up outside the classroom door. As I call their name they enter like they’re in a fashion parade and strut up and down the classroom catwalk.

– Forgot those boring class photos in front of a sheet! Our school photos are a fashion shoot with make-up artists, stylists and professional photographers. They’re taken on location at beautiful beaches, in lush bushland and at famous landmarks.

– All students have unlimited breaks to re-apply their make-up and ensure their hair is perfect.

– Healthy snacks such as berries (the anti-oxidants are great for your skin!) are provided throughout the day.

– Not only do I teach normal school lessons like maths, I teach lessons in walking so you can perfect the supermodel strut. I also teach how to look super-fab in selfies and selecting the right outfit to match your make-up.

– Dislike your school uniform? No probs, Pet. I will help you alter your uniform, after all every day is a fashion parade and the world is your catwalk!

Can’t wait to see you at Outback Creek PS! xoxo – Now head on back to Matt Porter’s website.