Geography with Benjamin Griffiths

Work on each question and click the button to reveal the answer.

1. The Statue of Liberty is in which city?

I don’t know but I hope they’re charging her rent.

2. Which country is the largest importer of hair gel?

It’s not a country. It’s me.

3. What is Austria most famous for?

Who knows? What I do know is their name is a lot like ours. Has Australia looked into charging them money for copyright infringements?

4. How much did America pay to buy Alaska from Russia?

You can buy states now?! I thought my last skyscraper deal was big.

5. Who owns Antarctica?

When you find out tell them I’ll offer $2000 a square kilometre.

6. In which continent is the Amazon Jungle?

South America, but it should be bulldozed and turned into a shopping centre.

7. What is the name of the corner where three Australian states meet?

Cameron’s Corner. If you go there you can buy a t-shirt from one of my employees that reads ‘I’ve been to Cameron’s Corner’.

8. Where is the World Trade Centre?

The centre of world trade is wherever I am.