Maths with Benjamin Griffith

Work on each question and click the button to reveal the answer.

1. An associate has 10 blocks of land for sale for $100,000 each. Each block is 75m long and 50m wide. How many blocks of land could you buy with $500,000?

You can buy all 10 blocks of land as you use your bargaining skills to buy them for half price.

2. You want to buy shares in a new company. The boss of the company offers you $10 a share. You think the shares are worth $5 each. How much do you agree to pay?

None. You buy the company and sack the boss who tried to rip you off.

3. What two people are pictures on the $50 dollar note?

There’s a $50 note? I only deal in $100’s.

4. What is the shape that looks like a large box?

That shape is the shape of my safe where I store my cash and big business contracts.

5. Hair gel usually costs $9.95 for a 500ml tub. The price goes up to $14.95 a tub. What do you do?

You pay the new price. In business it pays to look great.

6. E=MC² is a famous equation. What do the letters stand for?

Effort = Money x Cash²

7. Your parents tell you to mow the lawn, wash the dishes and hang the clothes on the line. If each job takes you twenty minutes and you start at midday, what time will you finish?

1.10pm. The extra 10 minutes is the time it takes you to make an invoice that charges them $25 an hour for your work.

8. The local fruit shop is selling apples for 50c each. They buy the apples for 20c each. How much money do they make per apple?

The local fruit shop makes no money after you import the apples for 10 cents each and sell them for 40 cents.