Maths with Mr Sergeant

Work on each question and click the button to reveal the answer.

1. You are captured by the enemy and ordered to clean their barracks daily for 10 hours. If you are captive for two months, how many hours will you clean for?

None. You do everything possible to escape. And if you can’t escape, then you try harder to escape.

2. The enemy launch a surface-to-air missile, from 60 kilometres away, aimed at your base. If the missile travels at 200 kilometres per hour, how long do you have to evacuate your base?

Evacuate? I’ve never heard the word! You launch a surface-to-missile-missile that blows up theirs mid-flight.

3. Your rations contain 2 kilograms of rice, 4 chocolate bars and 6 packets of dried fruit. How long into your mission before you have to eat slugs, bugs and dragonflies?

The first day. Slugs, bugs and dragonflies are delicious and full of protein.

4. What number comes next in this sequence? 16, 18, 20, ____

More importantly, why is the number is missing? Unless it’s completing an undercover mission by spying on another set of numbers, then that number is AWOL and must report back to duty immediately!

5. Your platoon marches 48 kilometres on Day 1, 55 kilometres on Day 2 and 46 kilometres on Day 3. How far has your platoon marched in total?

Unless they have engaged the enemy, not far enough!

6. What is this number? XXVII

It’s not a number, it’s clearly a coded message intercepted from the enemy. Crack that code before they invade.

7. A sneeze travels at 165 km/h. How fast is that per second?

Who cares? That’s slow motion compared to the 250 km/h my left foot has been clocked at during a roundhouse kick.

8. The army are decommissioning the camouflage uniforms are distributing sky blue fatigues. If you are 186 centimetres tall and weigh 80 kilograms, how much material will you need for your uniform?

Are you kidding?! No serious soldier would ever wear sky blue!