Maths with Ms Law

Work on each question and click the button to reveal the answer.

1. Which number does not belong in this group? 22, 36, 48, 52

All the numbers belong in the group as it is against the law to discriminate against a number based on oddness, evenness, number of factors, value or prime qualities.

2. Eight jurors agree with your case for the prosecution and vote for a guilty verdict. What percentage of jurors voted not guilty?

Who cares? You’ve got the majority.

3. What is the missing number from this sequence? 12, 14, ___ , 18

More importantly why is the number missing? Report it missing to the appropriate authorities so they can launch a search immediately.

4. Car one leaves from Point A and car two leaves from Point B. If the two points are 100 kilometres apart, and car one travels ten kilometres an hour quicker, where will they meet?

With a strict observation of the road rules and defensive driving they should not meet as drivers in Australia must stay to the left of the road and they will therefore pass each other but not meet.

5. Stella had eight apples. Patti takes five apples. She eats three and gives her friend, Kelvin, two. How many apples does Stella have left?

Stella should not waste time counting her remaining apples. She should begin making a case against Patti for theft and against Kelvin for receiving stolen property.

6. Two friends pooled their money and bought 20 toy cars. They later decide to play separately. How many cars do they get each?

This is not for you to decide. The boys need to go to a civil court where a judge will distribute their shared property evenly.

7. Farmer Joan has five paddocks and each paddock is one square kilometre in size. If you want to take a shortcut to the creek at the back of her property to go fishing, how far will you have to walk through her property?

If you trespass on Farmer Joan’s property the only fishing you’ll be doing will be in the fish pond at the local juvenile detention facility.

8. A criminal is found guilty of burglary and sentenced to 12 years in prison. How many days will this be?

This depends on behaviour, how well the prisoner completes his or her duties and rehabilitation prospects.