Reading with Mr Crikey

Can you guess the answers to these hilarious Mr Crikey jokes?  Click the button to reveal the answer.

1. What medication did Mr Crikey give the sick fish?

Vitamin sea

2. What does Mr Crikey’s wallaby do when it wants to stop a movie?

It hits the paws button

3. What time is it when Mr Crikey’s kangaroo sits on your desk?

Time to get a new desk

4. What does Mr Crikey call the cow that eats his grass?

A lawn moo-er

5. What is a python’s favourite school subject?


6. What type of animal does Mr Crikey never play games against?

A cheetah

7. What did Mr Crikey call the student with a frog on her head?


8. What happened when Mr Crikey tried to ride a cow?

It was an udder failure