Reading with Mr Jackpot

How well do you know the names of crazy gameshows? Read the descriptions below and see if you can guess the name of the gameshow being described – click the button to reveal the answer.

1. The most accident prone cooks in the country are placed in a kitchen with sharp knives, hot ovens and fine china plates. What could possibly go wrong?

Disaster Chef

2. Chip packets, muesli bar wrappers … it doesn’t matter what the rubbish is, these students will pick it up and bin it and they’ll do it all in 60 seconds!

Minute to Bin It

3. Watch on as bullies, rumour-spreaders and other misbehaving students spin up various punishments on a wheel and then complete them on live television.

Wheel of Misfortune

4. Who’ll be next to cop a spray from the principal? A hidden camera in the principal’s office catches all the action as students are told off.

Big Bother

5. Would-be millionaires test their determination, stamina and persistence by sitting on a seat that gets progressively hotter.

Millionaire Hot Seat

6. They say communication and talk can solve family disputes. We think the best way to solve them is to don boxing gloves, padded sticks and head gear and charge into battle!

Family Feud

7. Will it be Chicken, Chow Mein or Spicy that comes out on top this year?

Australia’s Next Top Noodle