Spelling with Mr Sergeant

Spelling is an important tactical skill. In the heat of battle a simple spelling mistake in a message can mean doom. I once received a message from a comrade that read ‘my battle’s hip and slinking’. Really he meant to write ‘my battleship is sinking!’

Have a friend ask you the words below. But don’t make the same mistakes my soldier friend did. You might end up like him, lost in the Pacific Ocean for three months surrounded by scrap metal and sharks.

Work on each question and click the button to reveal the answer.

1. Surrender

That word is not in my vocabulary. I would rather eat my boots than give up.

2. Retreat

Another word that’s not in my vocabulary! You’ll get weaker if you even say it.

3. Ceasefire

C-E-A-S-E-F-I-R-E. Thought that word wasn’t in my vocab? It is. After you wipe out your enemy’s entire army, then you ceasefire.

4. Camouflage

The answer is here, hidden in white ink.

5. Bulletproof

Simple: M-E

6. Rations

R-A-T-I. I can’t give you the rest of the letters yet, they have to last you all week.

7. Gas Mask

What? Have you released some chemical warfare? If this room smells in the next minute I’m blaming you!

8. Dodgeball